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2 in 1 eyeliner lash glue ✨

2 in 1 eyeliner lash glue ✨

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Our 2 in 1 eyeliner lash glue is designed to last all day and night, no matter what! It's waterproof, cry-proof, and everything-proof - so you can rest easy, knowing your look is secure. Enjoy extended wear and easy removal with this waterproof eyeliner glue! 

Its formula is designed to keep your lashes in place without irritation, while creating a long-lasting, beautiful look. Enjoy the convenience of combining an eyeliner with an adhesive for quick and hassle-free applications.

All ingredients have been clinically tested and proven to be hypoallergic. It’s vegan, latex-free, glue-free without any pungent odor. So don’t worry even if you get sensitive skin! 

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